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Do you know what Groupon, Priceline and Amazon have in common?


What these three companies have in common is that they recorded the fastest growth in business history. It took each of them just a few years to reach the one billion revenue mark.

It took 2.5 years for Groupon to cross the billion-dollar sales barrier. Priceline accomplished the same feat in less than three years, and Amazon did it in five.

All three of these companies have a few things in common that allowed them to accomplish such a spectacular feat.

  • First, they are all online businesses. So they have much lower barriers to growth than traditional companies.

  • Second, they all give huge discounts and rebates, sometimes exceeding 60 percent or more. 

And finally, each of these businesses allows you to share your purchased products (or services) with others, so they can count on the power of whisper marketing.


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In the language of every entrepreneur or someone who is about to start a business - and anyone who wants to earn more and achieve more, there are words, mantras and incantations that have special meaning.

They are all about fast and efficient business development, continuous and systematic growth and steady expansion of opportunities.

Growth. Expansion. More opportunities.

More customers. More sales. Higher revenue.

A better future. Prestige. Experienced, talented employees.

If your business is not growing and developing efficiently enough, you can get into serious trouble and even go out of business.

Are there strategies and tools that will ensure your steady, rapid growth? Is it possible to repeat the feats of Groupon, Priceline and Amazon? Or is it possible to grow even faster than these companies?

You will learn about these exclusive strategies and tools when you join our Club.

If you are interested in strategies for rapid growth in business, increasing earnings and achieving ambitious life goals, you can't miss your chance to join The Manka Academy Club.

Who is the Club for?

For entrepreneurs looking for effective tools and proven strategies to grow their business quickly and efficiently.

For those striving to earn more and have more money.

For those looking to achieve ambitious life goals.

For those planning to start their business.


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What are your main benefits of becoming a member of The Manka Academy Club?

You get unlimited access to all our online courses, including those that will be released in the next 12 months. Here is the list of our current courses:

Here are the planned online course, trainings and workshop launches in the near future:

  • How to sell in times when no one wants to buy
  • Entrepreneur's Finances
  • How acting skills help you grow your business in no time
  • How to sell through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram and on other online platforms, so that 1 U.S. dollar invested brings a minimum of 3 U.S. dollars in return!
  • How to automate your business, earn more and have tons of extra time
  • How to create a great product that will delight your customers and bring you millions of dollars in revenue
  • How to build a team that will enable you to rapidly grow your business
  • Experimentation in business - a prerequisite for a profitable business
  • The art of pre-sales - how to make money without spending a penny on the product and marketing
  • You won't do business if you don't understand your customer. How to penetrate the customer's mind and accelerate sales.
  • The first step in your business is choosing the right business model. How to intensify your business activities and ensure stable growth by testing and developing business models.
  • How to earn more and how to have more money
  • Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs. Why without effective management of your personal finances, you will not succeed in business.

What else do you have access to?

You will also receive access to special articles and videos, in which we will help you generate more earnings and grow your business faster.

Just for you, we have individual and group consultations available via Zoom or over the phone.

As well as the opportunity to participate in closed seminars and workshops for Club members only.

We also offer a promotional price guarantee, when you renew your Club membership for the next 12 months.

Something really very special and unique:

professional financial counseling, from which you can benefit abundantly, by being a member of The Manka Academy Club. Certified financial advisors from the European Academy of Financial Planning will help you personally with your finances.


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Business studies and cooperation with us

Business studies

can cost you between 5-10 thousand a year. And when you start your dream business after such studies, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of painful lessons before you can set sail on wide waters.

With us

you can learn business skills for a small fraction of this price, much faster and with the benefit of practical, proven knowledge on how to successfully grow a business.

When you decide to study with us you'll save a ton of money, time and avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes!

Here's what The Manka Academy Club members say about us:


A ton of useful materials, high-quality content that accelerates the development of your own business projects. Highly recommended!

Michal Czuchryta, author of a website dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

A personalised approach, authentic support and a lot of unique, proven knowledge

Przemek Gostomski, author of Changer

Thanks to The Manka Academy Club, I was able to work on my profitable business much faster and plan to earn at a really good level

Adam Lukasiak, university teacher currently expanding towards new opportunities

With The Manka Academy you can do a great business, as well as invest, multiply your money and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Dr. Andrzej Fesnak, European Financial Consultant, author of books on finance and business and business trainer Great initiative, really worth it!
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Great initiative, really worth your time and money!

Marianna Garus, licensed financial advisor and co-editor of the Entrepreneur's Finances website

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