Maximum Growth. How to Grow your Business at an Extraordinary Pace

Andrzej Mańka

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Planning the exponential growth of your business

Demonstrating effective strategies for planning and executing growth within your business. You will be able to increase profits and free yourself from excess responsibilities.

Do you sometimes feel like you're banging your head against the ceiling and stuck unable to further grow your business? You see other entrepreneurs doubling their income every year, spending more time on vacation than in the company, and yet you barely have enough for Social Security and taxes?

You think that they surely are better professionals. Or that they have some gift that you don't have....

Nothing could be further from the truth. The only difference is that they know how to grow a business and use proven and well-known growth strategies. With these growth strategies, they can turn almost any business into a profitable, money-making machine.

Start working on your business and plan for business growth.

Growth in business does not happen by chance, you may have encountered the opinion that business success takes a shot at the market, luck or good friends. However, does it really?

The truth is that Tesla was not the first car, it was not even the first electric car. The iPhone was not the first smartphone. Windows was not the first operating system.

You may say that these are great, once-in-a-lifetime examples. On the other hand, the truth is that everyone has smaller entrepreneurs around them who are very successful. They may not be turning billions in profits, but they have a well-organized business that grows without their participation.

If you also want to join this group, then you need to start consciously developing your business and managing growth.

This is what our course is dedicated to: Exponential Growth in Business - how to plan and implement business growth.

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What will you find inside?

  • You will learn the elements that determine the growth of your business. You will stop wasting time on trivialities and focus on what has a real impact on revenue.

  • You will learn what exponential growth is. You will understand how to double your income by making small changes.

  • You will learn proven online marketing strategies and choose the best way to promote your business. This way you can stop wasting time and money testing out different methods and instead you can start doing what works and generates profit right away.

  • You'll learn what an MVP is and how to use experimentation to grow faster than your competitors, with minimal risk. No more standing still and watching business opportunities escape right out from under your nose.

  • You'll learn ways to measure growth so you can clearly and objectively assess where your business is headed. You'll stop making decisions based on hunches and start relying on hard data.

  • You will see examples of companies that have used dynamic growth strategies and grown multitudes in a short period of time. You will learn how to use the experience of others and model proven strategies within your own business.

  • You'll learn how to hire the best employees and manage your team so that everyone accomplishes their duties without constant scrutiny. 

All this will allow you to grow your business quickly, without undue stress. You will free yourself from the excess responsibilities and constant struggle that comes with your current tasks. You will start to develop business strategically.


Who is this course for?

The course is primarily aimed at people who:

  • Are planning to open their own business and want to make a dynamic transition from their own full-time job, to working as an entrepreneur.

  • Are running their own business, but feel that they are stuck and have reached the income glass ceiling.

  • Have been standing still for a long time and are looking for ways to move forward.

  • Want to "free themselves from the business" - now everything is on their head and they want the company to function just as well without them.

  • Want to significantly increase their income.

In the course you will learn proven strategies for growing your business. Thanks to these strategies you will be able to free yourself from excess responsibilities and start dynamically increasing your income.


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Andrzej Mańka

I am the founder of The Manka Academy. I am an entrepreneur and sales professional.

I am passionate about the future of entrepreneurship, and when artificial intelligence and cognitive automation will enable people to realize their full potential.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with & negotiate deals for many leading global companies, including Clifford Chance, DLA Piper, Bank of America, the Law Society, Institute for Robotic Process Automation in New York, global asset managers and for some of London’s hottest start-ups.

I am an author of blogs and articles on personal finance, business and sales management. I am also an author of online courses, online workshops and help to manage a London-based public speaking club.

I attended Jagiellonian University in Krakow and studied Cinema, TV and Mass Media, including propaganda and the art of persuasion.

I Live in North London.

I am a passionate runner and a lover of jazz and science fiction.

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