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Give me 90 minutes, and I'll show you how to earn £60k in 90 days, despite possibly having low earnings in the past, or you haven't started earning money in your business yet!

Andrzej Mańka

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Give me 90 minutes, and I'll show you how to earn £60k in 90 days, despite possibly having low earnings in the past, or you haven't started earning money in your business yet!

And even if you don't have any marketing budget right now.💰

I know you might be sceptical. I know you've seen hundreds of lofty promises. But I also know that spectacular successes can be determined by nuance and small details. Before you know it, it's that one small change, one small detail in your offer, a shift in the way you think about your product, service or target customer, that can push your business into a profitable direction.

Naura Hyden has written a great book called Astrological Love. After the book came out, only a few people bought it. However, when the title was changed to: How to Satisfy A Woman Every Time...and Have Her Beg for More!, the book became a New York Times bestseller and reached sales of nearly 3 million copies! 

One small change. See?

What if I showed you many more of these inspiring, profitable techniques and strategies? What if, thanks to them, your business starts to gain momentum, growing100%, 200% and even more, starting to generate greater and greater revenue? Think about what you will then be able to afford….

During our quick, practical and easy programme I will take you on a fascinating journey from planning to realising rapid growth in your business!


I will show you:

  • 10 tested strategies that you can quickly and easily apply to your business!

  • The 90 minutes it will take you to learn the entire system and how to start implementing these changes in your business IMMEDIATELY!

  • How I achieve rapid growth and how you can copy our proven method to your business! 


During the 90-minute programme, you will go through 7 specific steps to reach £60 000 in 90 days:

  • The customer's Big Problem - you’ll discover and understand your customers' deepest needs, problems and desires using a simple method.

  • An offer your customer won't resist - you'll learn the 5 key elements that will make your offer incredibly effective and your customers won't be able to resist it.

  • Instant sales path - you'll take your audience through 7 key stages to take them from passive listeners, to regular buyers.

  • Your magnetic image – you'll learn image-building techniques that make customers want to buy from you immediately and a lot!

  • Profitable startup action strategy - instead of wasting time with endless plans, you'll start acting in a flash. Through quick adaptations, you will sell on a two or even three times larger scale.

  • Brilliant product - you will learn to design products that customers love and recommend to others.

  • The secret of champions that the best entrepreneurs use - you will discover the secret to achieving results far beyond expectations. This will make £60 000 in 90 days just the first step in growing your business.


Other things you will learn in the course.:

💡 Designing and successfully selling great products or services.

💡 Selecting the best target groups, reaching niches that will need your products or services and buy them immediately!

💡 Testing various solutions quickly and effectively to generate at least £60000 or more in regular income.

💡 Implementing proven growth procedures to ensure the steady development of your business.

💡 Being a proud and confident entrepreneur while managing a profitable business.


What else will you find in the programme?
We will cover the key topics:

  • Open Mindset - how to open your mind to significant changes in your business and get rid of any barriers to earning the income you deserve.

  • Continuous Learning - because only when we learn, do we cease to stand still. Knowledge is valuable, and with it, you will scale your business!

  • The First Principle Rule - used by Elon Musk, among others, a way of thinking that questions any assumptions that are considered concrete and unquestionable. Questioning assumptions is essential for innovation and solving challenging problems - use it in your business!

  • 9 Methods of Financing - you will gain specific tools for increasing your business revenue by 100%.

  • ISO Standards - you will learn these standards to provide your customers with the top quality products and services, ones they'll keep recommending!

  • Team Building - you will see how to build a team that you will succeed with.

  • Sales as a Core Activity - because without sales, there is no income, you will receive tools and models to make your sales grow quickly!

  • Experimentation - trial and error, we will show you the tools to gain new opportunities.

  • Growth Hacking - you will see what out-of-the-box actions you can implement to grow your business.

  • Gamification - you will learn these principles to further engage current and new customers in company interaction and purchases.


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Andrzej Mańka

I am the founder of The Manka Academy. I am an entrepreneur and sales professional.

I am passionate about the future of entrepreneurship, and when artificial intelligence and cognitive automation will enable people to realize their full potential.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with & negotiate deals for many leading global companies, including Clifford Chance, DLA Piper, Bank of America, the Law Society, Institute for Robotic Process Automation in New York, global asset managers and for some of London’s hottest start-ups.

I am an author of blogs and articles on personal finance, business and sales management. I am also an author of online courses, online workshops and help to manage a London-based public speaking club.

I attended Jagiellonian University in Krakow and studied Cinema, TV and Mass Media, including propaganda and the art of persuasion.

I Live in North London.

I am a passionate runner and a lover of jazz and science fiction.

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