3 Steps To Transition From Employee To Dream Business Owner

Andrzej Mańka

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Why does running your own business seem so difficult? What is it that makes most of us secretly dream of being self-employed, while still being stuck in our jobs? 

How is it possible that within the minds of most of us, only the arrival of happy Fridaymakes us feel better, while Monday morning (and, in fact, even Sunday evening already) is associated with nightmares and stress? 

Why do we love vacations and Christmas, while the rest of the year seems dreary and monotonous? 

The answer is very simple: because from childhood we are programmed and taught to work for others. No one teaches us risk-taking and leadership. And even worse: we are warned to avoid any risk and taught only commonly accepted, safe strategies.

Meanwhile, the world needs great leaders and those who know how to take well-calculated risks. One of the most scarce commodities in the 21st century are explorers, entrepreneurs, innovators and all those who have the courage to pursue their dreams. 

Do you also feel like you’re not doing what you really want to do in life? Do you feel that you have passed on your calling?

Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like if you had your own thriving, profitable business?

Have you tried self-employment in the past, but it didn’t really work out? 

Do you watch the years go by and have only a couple of credits to your name and find yourself sometimes worrying that you will starve in retirement? 

What’s stopping you from creating the life you want? Is it fear? Lack of confidence in your own abilities? A learned and perpetuated long-standing aversion to taking risks? Maybe it’s poor communication skills? Or do  you hate selling or lack perseverance?

If you want to learn how to start your business, join us for the online seminar to learn what you need to consider and begin drafting your pathway towards entrepreneurship at “3 steps from employee to owner of your dream business.”



  • How to plan your own business;
  • The differences between the thinking of an employee and an entrepreneur;
  • How to develop your business mindset quickly and effectively.

You will also learn about the unique three-step TAG (Transition – Adaptation – Growth) system and how to apply it. The TAG system was developed at The Manka Academy and based on more than a dozen months of testing and work with a variety of entrepreneurs. It shows how to plan the journey from full-time employment to business owner, how to ensure a smooth and seamless transition into self-employment, how to adapt effectively to new conditions and how to grow a business quickly. 

You are invited to a meeting where we discuss how to make a seamless and efficient transition from employee to the owner of your dream business. There will be plenty of surprises as well as special opportunities during the meeting, including an online course for those who want to both start their business quickly and then grow it spectacularly. 

  • Date and time
    Wed, 22 March 202320:00 - 21:00 | CEST
  • Location
    Online meeting


Andrzej Mańka

Nazywam się Andrzej Mańka. Biznesem zajmuje się od czasu studiów w UJ, kiedy to założyłem swoją pierwszą agencję reklamową InfoArte. Potem, po przeprowadzce do Warszawy przez wiele lat prowadziłem firmę marketingową 5 O’CLOCK.

Finansami osobistymi i przedsiębiorczością zajmuję się od 2005 roku, od czasu, kiedy prowadziłem marketing, PR i sprzedaż dla wiodących firm zajmujących się edukacja finansową, takich jak m.in. Instytut Praktycznej Edukacji, wydawcy książek Roberta Kiyasakiego oraz e-ProfitSystem, która regularnie prowadziła elitarne seminaria dla inwestorów w nieruchomości w Warszawie i Londynie.

Napisałem też książkę pt. “Bogaty Polak, biedny Polak. Jakk o pieniądzach myślą bogaci i dlaczego biedni robią błąd, myśląc inaczej.”

Byłem tez  producentem i autorem programów w TVN i regionalnych ośrodkakch TVP.

Od 2012 roku mieszkam w Londynie, gdzie m.in. zarządzam firmą The Manka Academy, specjalizującą się w e-learningu.