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A survey conducted by the U.S.-based Wakefield Research found that a third of Americans are more afraid of starting their own business than jumping out of an airplane! Amazing, huh?
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Andrzej Mańka

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A survey conducted by the U.S.-based Wakefield Research found that a third of Americans are more afraid of starting their own business than jumping out of an airplane!

Amazing, huh?

The fear we have of leaving our steady employment in other countries around the world is actually much worse!

Imagine how many potentially valuable and even revolutionary ideas will never be realized because of the fears and anxieties of those who could become outstanding entrepreneurs?

Are you one of those creative, smart -but a bit scared- potential future entrepreneurs? Do you cherish your amazing dreams of starting your own business? 

Do you, too, often daydream of  starting your own business; but don’t know if you’ll succeed, are afraid to get started or are stuck in-place your business not yet what you have dreamed of?

Maybe you’ve already tried but it didn’t work out and you’re afraid you’ll fail again.

This online course, 3 Steps To Transition From Employee To Dream Business Owner, will enable you to make a smooth and safe transition from being someone else’s employee to running your own business.


This course is for everyone who:

  • wishes to earn more;
  • dreams of their own business;
  • actively seeks their own path to financial freedom.


Through it you will gain knowledge about:

  • safely transitioning from a salaried job to self-employment;
  • the best business models for you;
  • what entrepreneurship is and how to do business;
  • attracting customers;
  • setting the optimal price;
  • selling your product effectively;
  • building business perception;
  • the key skills in business;
  • negotiating and communicating effectively;
  • creating a product;
  • managing a project;
  • selecting co-workers;
  • becoming an effective leader;
  • creatively developing business and making innovative improvements;
  • providing your business with spectacular growth;
  • automating your business processes;
  • managing your and the company’s finances.


Module 1, in which you will find:

  • the answer to the question of how to get started,
  • what is risk in business and how to deal with it;
  • A comparison between a full-time job and a business;
  • your path to financial freedom.


Module 2, in which we prepared tips to master:

  • key skills in business;
  • the art of decision-making;
  • the art of negotiation;
  • sales;
  • professional communication;
  • leadership;
  • planning, or creating reality;
  • productivity and the art of achieving goals.


Module 3, which will address these topics:

  • your customers, your gold;
  • the art of problem solving;
  • how to set the price.


Module 4, from which you will learn about:

  • business models;
  • what entrepreneurship is and how to become proficient in business.


Module 5, which will cover areas such as:

  • creating and selling value;
  • differing methods to creating and developing a product;
  • project management.


Module 6, which will answer questions such as:

  • how do you select a team?
  • how do you manage people?
  • how do you become a great leader?


Module 7, which is devoted entirely to the topic:

  • marketing and sales – two fundamental skills in business.


Module 8, which includes information on:

  • business finance;
  • personal finance;
  • working with accounting.


Module 9, which is devoted to topics of balancing:

  • creativity and innovation with processes, systems and automation.


Module 10, in which you become ready for your entrepreneurship journey with a very useful system:

  • 3 steps transition from employee to a dream business owner.


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We are so confident in our online course, that we back it with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If within the 30 days you are not satisfied with our course, you can request a refund by writing to us at: joinus@themankaacademy.com


Andrzej Mańka

Nazywam się Andrzej Mańka. Biznesem zajmuje się od czasu studiów w UJ, kiedy to założyłem swoją pierwszą agencję reklamową InfoArte. Potem, po przeprowadzce do Warszawy przez wiele lat prowadziłem firmę marketingową 5 O’CLOCK.

Finansami osobistymi i przedsiębiorczością zajmuję się od 2005 roku, od czasu, kiedy prowadziłem marketing, PR i sprzedaż dla wiodących firm zajmujących się edukacja finansową, takich jak m.in. Instytut Praktycznej Edukacji, wydawcy książek Roberta Kiyasakiego oraz e-ProfitSystem, która regularnie prowadziła elitarne seminaria dla inwestorów w nieruchomości w Warszawie i Londynie.

Napisałem też książkę pt. “Bogaty Polak, biedny Polak. Jakk o pieniądzach myślą bogaci i dlaczego biedni robią błąd, myśląc inaczej.”

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Marcin Kądziołka

4 months ago

A must-do course for anyone who wants to start a profitable business.
Owning your own business doesn't have to be difficult or risky, as long as you know how to do it. The Manka Academy LTD's course shows you step-by-step what you need to do to start a profitable business. If you feel that a job does not satisfy your life aspirations and you dream of your own business, reach for this course and you will get a detailed instruction manual.

Tomasz Król

4 months ago

The 3 Steps from Employee to Dream Business Owner course gives you courage and allows you to understand the process of creating your own business.
We are all shaped by the education system to work for a living... Almost no one teaches us how to be leaders, how to take matters into our own hands and how to build a business. This course fills this gap perfectly. If you really want to create a great business and successfully develop it, be sure to attend!