Achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier

A few years ago, when I was still living in Warsaw, I was invited to London for an independent film festival.

I had organized a few events about Ireland in Lublin, Krakow and Warsaw beforehand and after I uploaded videos of these events to YouTube, I was contacted by Claire and Denise from the UK.

At the time I was working on projects, seminars and training in real estate and personal finance. My main activities were promotional video production, marketing campaigns and complex online business development.

I was very happy to receive this unexpected invitation, because going to London for a week seemed like an attractive idea.

So I bought the tickets and landed in London on March 15th, two days before St. Patrick’s Day – the patron saint of Ireland. As you probably know, this holiday is celebrated very pompously all over the world, especially in English-speaking countries.

However, a week before the flight I started to feel sick and anxious…After all, I was terrified of flying!

Why? Because a few years earlier I had flown to Greece and we had run into terrible turbulence over Athens. After that flight, I had had enough and was really fed up.

However, I had to fly quite often due to my work in the marketing industry. I’m ashamed to admit that I usually helped myself with alcohol – it was the only solution, and one I practiced for many years.

This time, however, something in me rebelled against this unhealthy crux. I decided that I would never again get drunk before a flight.

I would fight one last battle with my fear of flying. To the death. It was me or him.

I wanted to be free. I decided that I would decide what I did in life, not my emotions.

I started asking friends if they knew of any method that might work for me. I asked pretty much every person I met at the time about their experiences and techniques.

You know that feeling we sometimes get in our lives? The feeling of ultimate determination. Total rebellion. The readiness to do anything.

In the week leading up to my flight to London, I really tried everything: meditation, hypnosis, prayer, talks, visualization, physical exercise and a thought experiment.

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However, it didn't help much.

When I imagined myself boarding the airbus (I checked all the flight details), I would literally start shaking. Out of fear. Panicky.

But even in that state I knew that I would definitely fly. That I would not give up. Even if I had to make my life somewhere in the skies between Warsaw and London.

And that’s how I met Alek Buczny. Alek was an outstanding expert in NLP.

In the morning, on the day of my departure to London, Alek gave me a coaching session. He asked a lot of questions, told me to do various exercises. Let’s add: very strange exercises!

Now that I am a certified NLP practitioner myself (I did my diploma a few years ago in London), I can see that these were Time Line Therapy type exercises, anchoring and perceptual positions.

I was still shaking like a jelly at the airport. I was beginning to doubt the point of all the effort of the last week. But on the plane, a miracle happened. When I entered, a wave of joy swept over me.

I still couldn’t believe it when we took off. I was expecting the worst. But my only feelings were either euphoria or angelic peace. On the way back, a few days later, I fell asleep during the flight.

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The price includes 3 full coaching meetings and printed materials for further individual work

Why am I sharing this story?

For several reasons.

First, if you want to change something you have to make a decision. A hard one. Final. Irrevocable.

Second, you have to be willing to ask for help. To ask others for advice. To admit to yourself that perhaps you may not be able to do it alone.

Third, you must patiently and persistently pursue your goal. You must be willing to put forth an extraordinary effort.

These three reasons are also the best recipe for financial and business success.

At that time I had high hopes of doing some project or business with Alek. Unfortunately, Alek passed away after a serious illness just a year after our session.

I’m sure that the decision to get a certified NLP practitioner here in London was largely thanks to Alek, who showed me how neurolinguistic programming works in practice.

But it’s not all about NLP or other similar tools.

The key is to have some general knowledge about how our mind works, how we make decisions, why we give up – or even do not start. What are the common errors in our reasoning and how to overcome them? Knowing how to shape our future day by day and ruthlessly pursue what is most important to us is key.

Overcoming the fear of flying is not really about flying, but about freedom. When you overcome one barrier, often, in one fell swoop, you also remove others – those deeply hidden ones. And it also happens in a moment.

It often happens that in order to overcome some problem we read dozens of articles, listen to lots of podcasts and watch various videos. And nothing, or almost nothing changes!

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The price includes 3 full coaching meetings and printed materials for further individual work

Achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier

The most effective way to dramatically improve your productivity and effectiveness in achieving your goals is through coaching. By working one-on-one with an experienced coach, achieving your business or financial goals is much easier.

It is during live online meetings with someone who knows finance, business, or sales very well and understands the mindset and behaviors of the client that you can make breakthroughs and put into action a plan that will get you to where you want to go.

The reason coaching has become so popular in recent years, is that it is very effective.

Anyone who works with a coach, a trainer, a mentor, or some sort of professional support group achieves their goals faster, with relatively less effort.

If you just read books or online courses and watch educational videos in your area of interest, you will not achieve very impressive results.

You need to go further – much further.

Coaching enables you to not only refine your goals and gain the information you need, but, more importantly, also achieve what is important to you.

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The price includes 3 full coaching meetings and printed materials for further individual work

What do you gain, thanks to coaching?


  • You will formulate your most important goals very efficiently and clearly.
  • You will learn a lot of important things about yourself – completely impossible when you work alone.
  • You will get a much deeper level of knowledge acquisition.
  • You will expand your awareness and discover new possibilities.
  • You will raise the level of your life satisfaction.
  • You will find creative solutions to your problems.
  • You will find out how easy it is to generate new ideas.
  • You will finally move forward with your projects.
  • You will achieve much greater clarity about your plans, values and what is important to you.
  • You will learn to replace limiting beliefs with ones that serve you.
  • You will learn how to better manage your stress.
  • You will increase your productivity and effectiveness.

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The price includes 3 full coaching meetings and printed materials for further individual work


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Meet your coach

The Manka Academy was founded by Andrzej Manka in May 2021 in London, UK.

Andrzej is an entrepreneur and sales professional.

He is passionate about the future of entrepreneurship and motivated by the ability that artificial intelligence and cognitive automation has the power to help people realise their full potential.

Over the past 10 years, he has had the opportunity to work with and negotiate deals for many leading global companies, including Clifford Chance, DLA Piper, Bank of America, the Law Society, Institute for Robotic Process Automation in New York, global asset managers and for some of London’s hottest start-ups.

He is an author of blogs and articles on personal finance, business, new tech and sales management. He also designs online courses, online workshops and assists in the management of London-based public speaking clubs.

He attended Jagiellonian University in Krakow to study Cinema, TV and Mass Media, along with other topics such as propaganda and the art of persuasion.

He lives in North London.

He is a keen runner and a lover of jazz and science fiction.

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The price includes 3 full coaching meetings and printed materials for further individual work